Magnificat September-October 2012

Magnificat September-October 2012

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(64 pages - Special Edition in color on glossy paper)Father John Gregory of the Trinity (1928-2011), Gregory XVII Childhood -- Saint Brother André of the Oratory -- "My Son has His Company..." -- The Holy Gospel -- An unknown joy -- An indiscreet confidant -- With the Hospitalers of St. John of God -- A surprising vision -- A small interior martyrdom -- Put on the new man -- As in a film -- "A priesthood of ignominy" -- "God wants this Community" -- The infallible refuge -- The great departure -- A prophet on his path -- The Archbishop of Montreal -- Misunderstandings and calumnies -- Exceptional guide and support -- From pillar to post -- Other precious supports -- The Apostles first priest -- A major stage -- The Secret of Fatima -- A look back at History -- Apostle and spiritual master -- Christianity: Religion of love -- Against wind and wave -- With great reluctance -- Making the rounds of the missions -- Photo album of our missions -- Universal Shepherd -- The seal of the Cross -- "Criminal" and convict -- Sympathy of the inmates -- Encouragement for his Brothers and Sisters -- Greatness of the Work -- Discharge... and new attacks -- A supplemental role -- Already fifty years

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