Magnificat June-July 2020

Magnificat June-July 2020

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Summary (40 pages)

O Salutaris Hostia! …..Page 155

The Eucharist and the First Christians …..157

Martyr of the Eucharist: Saint Tarcisius, (3rd century) …..159

Communion in the Desert …..161

Eucharistic Hunger among the Saints …..163

Saint Margaret Bourgeoys (1620-1700) – Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690) – Bl. Melanie Calvat (1831-1904) – Bl. Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916)

For Jesus Host! – Intrepidity of fundamentally Eucharistic Souls …..168

An Apostle in the Tempest: Father Pierre Coudrin (1768-1837) – A spiritual son of Father Coudrin: Saint Damien de Veuster, Apostle of the lepers (1840-1889) – Saint Mary Magdalen Postel (1756-1846) – Father Joseph-Antoine Donadieu (1728-1798) – A Martyr of the Eucharist: Jean-Barthélemy Gross (1741-1800) – Jesus Host, Strength of Confessors – Msgr. Georges Darboy (1813-1871) – Father Ragheed Ganni (1971-2007) – Polish Priests in Siberia (19th century) – The whip Ends, Jesus Remains! (20th century) – Little Li (20th century)

The Holy Eucharist, our Life and our Salvation – Pages from the Imitation of Christ …..191

Taking leave of Jesus Host …..194

From Editions Magnificat …..195

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