Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, Iroquois Virgin
  • Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, Iroquois Virgin

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, Iroquois Virgin

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(1656-1680) by Father N. V. Burtin, O.M.I.  Kateri was an orphan who grew up innocent, industrious and chaste. Persecuted within her tribe because of her faith, she managed to make a courageous escape to a Christian village near Montreal, where she exerted a real influence by her strong faith, prayer, modesty, hard work, devotion to the Blessed Virgin, and ardent love for the Eucharist. This biography is excellent reading for everyone. Kateri is an especially fine example for young Christian girls. Ample illustrations and a hymn in her honor, 100 pages.


Preface .....Page 7

Chapter I .....11

Kateri's homeland - Her first years - She escapes death at the age of 4.

Chapter II .....15

War between the French and the five Iroquois Nations - The Mohawks request and obtain peace - The three Jesuit missionaries sent to the Iroquois stay in Kateri's home - Her ability in all kinds of work.

Chapter III .....19

Kateri's relatives plan her marriage - Kateri's feelings regarding this plan - An admirable feature of Kateri's virtue - Her invincible patience in ill treatment - Origin of the Iroquois mission of St. Francis Xavier at La prairie.

Chapter IV .....23

Fr. Jacques de Lamberville comes to live in Kateri Tekakwitha's village - Kateri's joy over this news, her fervor in attending prayers and instructions - She is solemnly baptized on Easter Sunday, 1675 - The young neophyte's ardor, new trials she had to undergo.

Chapter V .....29

Origin of the Sault St. Louis mission - Kateri conceives and carries out her plan to go and live in this village - Her joy in living among fervent Christians - Her friendship with the pious Anastasia.

Chapter VI .....39

Kateri accompanies her cousin and her cousin's husband on the winter hunt - How she sanctified the time they spent in the forest - Her return to the village - Her relations with a pious widow called Theresa.

Chapter VII .....45

Kateri's new struggle, and the new victory she won by her love of virginity - The spirit of penance that prevailed among the Christians of Sault St. Louis - Kateri visits the Sisters at the Hôtel-Dieu in Montreal - She makes the perpetual vow of virginity.

Chapter VIII .....55

Kateri's violent illness - Abridged view of her admirable virtues - Her devotion to Jesus Crucified, her austerities, obedience, humility, patience and angelic purity - Her affection for the Queen of Angels - Her love for Jesus present in the Eucharist, source of her sanctity.

Chapter IX .....61

Kateri receives the last Sacraments - Her agony and death - Veneration rendered her far and wide - Extraordinary piety in the Sault village after her death - Numerous miracles due to her intercession.

Chapter X .....69

Exhumation of Kateri's body and preservation of her relics - The miracles cease, but her reputation of sanctity is preserved - Cross and monument erected at her burial site - Plan of Providence in giving the Christian Indians of Canada a model and protectress in the person of Kateri Tekakwitha.
Chapter XI .....79
Details on some of the many miracles of Blessed Kateri.

Notice on several Indians who were martyred or died in the odor of sanctity .....89

Hymn in honor of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha .....100


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