Little Illustrated Bible for Children
  • Little Illustrated Bible for Children

Little Illustrated Bible for Children

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Children will learn the fascinating Story of the world from the time of creation until the foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ.


by Fr. Jacques Ecker, enhanced with many attractive color illustrations. Children will learn the fascinating Story of the world from the time of creation until the foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ.


Old Testament

The creation of the world ..... Page 9
God creates the world out of nothing
God creates order and life
God institutes the Sabbath
Man in the Garden of Eden .....12
God wants to test man
God creates Eve
Eve and Adam commit sin
Adam and Eve admit their sin
God promises the Redeemer
Malice of the first men .....15
Cain kills his brother Abel
God brings forth the flood upon the earth
Men adore false gods
The story of Abraham .....18
God calls Abraham
Melchisedech offers bread and wine
God tests the fidelity of Abraham
Abraham obeys the Lord
God spares Isaac's life
The story of Joseph .....21
Joseph's brothers envy hi
Joseph is sold by his brothers
Joseph is cast into prison
Joseph interprets dreams
Joseph is raised to the highest rank
Joseph's brothers go to Egypt
Joseph's brothers return to Egypt
Joseph submits his brothers to a test
Joseph makes himself known
Jacob goes to Egypt
Moses and the Ten Commandments .....28
Moses is saved from death
Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt
God takes care of his people
God promulgates the Ten Commandments
Moses has the Israelites build the Tabernacle
God institutes the priesthood
David and Solomon .....33
David keeps the sheep
David strikes down Goliath the giant
David becomes king
David organizes worship service
David is also a prophet
Solomon builds a temple to the Lord
Waiting for the Redeemer .....35

New Testament

The birth of Jesus .....36
The Angel comes to greet Mary
Jesus is born in Bethlehem
An Angel appears to the shepherds
The shepherds go to the manger
Jesus' first years .....38
Jesus is presented in the Temple
The Magi worship the Infant Jesus
The Holy Family flees into Egypt
The Child Jesus remains in the Temple
The Public Life .....43
The Baptism of Jesus
The wedding feast at Cana
Jesus drives the sellers out of the Temple
The miraculous catch of fish
Jesus heals a paralytic
Jesus resurrects a young man
Jesus heals the centurion's servant
Jesus heals a deaf and dumb man
Jesus heals a blind man
Jesus and Jairus' daughter
Jesus calms a tempest on the sea
Jesus multiplies the loaves
Jesus walks on the water
The Transfiguration
Jesus proclaims the Law of Love
We must love our enemies
Jesus teaches us how to pray
Jesus teaches confidence in God
Jesus is the Good Shepherd
The parable of the lost sheep
The parable of the prodigal son
The parable of the Pharisee and the Publican
Jesus blesses the children
We will all be judged in the end
The Last Supper .....60
Jesus washes the feet of His Apostles
Jesus institutes the Holy Eucharist
The Passion of Jesus .....61
Judas sells the Lord
Jesus in the Garden of Olives
Jesus is arrested
The Great Council condemns Jesus to death
Jesus is scourged, crowned with thorns and condemned to death by Pilate
Jesus is nailed to the cross
Jesus comforts His Mother
Jesus dies on the cross
The body of Jesus is placed in the tomb
The glorification of Jesus .....67
Jesus comes out of the tomb
Jesus appears to His disciples
Jesus makes Peter the head of the Church
Jesus rises up into heaven
The Holy Spirit descends upon the disciples
The Church spreads throughout the world .....70

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