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Saint Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort
  • Saint Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort

Saint Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort

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Captivating biographie of an original and powerful figure: Saint Louis Mary de Montfort, Apostle of the Cross and Doctor of the Mediation of Mary


Saint Louis Mary de Montfort (1673-1716)

Apostle and Doctor of the Mediation of Mary, Apostle of the Eternal Wisdom, Apostle of the Cross

by Mother Michelle, o.d.m.

In this brief and captivating biography, discover an original and powerful figure, a man of genius animated by an outstanding supernatural spirit and a humility that is difficult to match.  He was not only an apostle totally imbued with the doctrine of the Gospel and a tireless missionary at the service of souls, but also a prophet and a precursor of the Apostles of the Latter Times.  His book, “The Love of Eternal Wisdom” is, in a way, the work that best summarizes Montfort’s profound spirit.  The goal of our life on earth is to discover Jesus, Eternal Wisdom, who has manifested Himself to man, and to unite ourselves to Him. True devotion to Mary is, according to Montfort’s expression, “the most marvelous of all the secrets for acquiring and conserving divine Wisdom”.  224 pages, with illustrations.


Table of Contents

Childhood and Youth  …Page 13

The Jesuits of Rennes  …21

Saint-Sulpice Seminary  …29

The Saint’s theological studies

Pitiless scrutiny

A leap Forward in our Story  …43

Father Blain opens his heart

Father de Montfort’s admirable reply

Priesthood and Painful Preparation  …53

St. Clement Seminary

Poitiers General Hospital  …65

Mystic… and organizer

Louise Trichet – Marie-Louise of Jesus  …73

Announcement of the future Community

War breaks out

Back to Paris – La Salpêtrière  …87

The Love of Eternal Wisdom

Mont Valérien

Unexpected News – Back to Poitiers  …97

The Itinerant Missionary  …103

First companion:  Brother Mathurin

A contagious error

Touching letter of a good shepherd

The Great Pilgrimage  …115

Preacher and Confessor  …123

His hymns

Prayer and sacrifice

A kindhearted confessor

Missions in Brittany  …137

Saint-Lazare Hermitage

Father, not Brother!

Back to Nantes  …151

The Calvary of Pontchâteau  …155

The acceptance of a Saint

Missions in Luçon and La Rochelle  …173

The Retreats

Illness and continuation of the retreats

Persecutions and triumphs

In the Country  …187

Sowing the Gospel seed… and miracles

St. Éloi Hermitage  …199

True Devotion to Mary

The Company of Mary  …205

Last Illness and Death of the Saint  …213