Magnificat March-April 2021
  • Magnificat March-April 2021

Magnificat March-April 2021

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Saint Michael the Archangel:  His Role in the Past, Present and Future

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Table of Contents (48 pages)

Saint Michael the Archangel:  His Role in the Past, Present and Future  ..…Page 59

– Prelude in Heaven – Angel of humility – Saint Michael and Adam – Saint Michael and Abraham – Guide and protector of the Hebrews – Defender of the Altar and the Faith – Protector of Jesus and Mary – Patron of the Holy Church – Saint Michael and the Vicar of Christ – In the springtime of the Church – Saint Michael and evangelization – Standard-Bearer of the Cross – Saint Michael and Jesus crucified – Saint Michael and the Crusades – At Mount Gargano – Saint Michael in Rome – Saint Michael and France – Mont Saint Michel – “I am the Protector of France” – Guardian of the Faith – Guardian of the Eucharist – Saint Michael and Fatima – Saint Michael and Garabandal – Angel of pardon and peace – Introducer of souls into Heaven – Angel of the latter times – Let us honor Saint Michael


– Miraculous Protection of Saint Michael (p. 73) – Saint Boniface, Promoter of Devotion to Saint Michael in Germany (p. 74) – Bl. Pius IX, the Pope of Saint Michael (p. 82) – Exorcism Prayer (p. 82) – Saint Michael and the Saints (pp. 84, 85, 91, 95) – Prayer to Saint Michael, by Saint Aloysius Gonzaga (p. 87) – Vision of Father Bernardo Francisco de Hoyos, s.j. (p. 96) – Saint Michael and Saint Padre Pio (p. 100) – Message of Saint Michael to the Seeress Marie Julie Jahenny (p. 102) – The Sword of Saint Michael (p. 106)