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Magnificat May 2024
  • Magnificat May 2024

Magnificat May 2024

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Yet a little while - ODM sermon

Blessed Edward Poppe:  short biography and his devotion to Mary

In MemoriamSister Maria de Jésus Crucifié

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May 2024
(28 pages)

Yet A Little While – Sermon by Father Thomas de Jésus, o.d.m.

The joy of a Christian – The cost of time – Free to choose – God of Mercy

Blessed Edward Poppe (1890-1924) – Centennial of his death

In the army – Assistant pastor – Apostle of the Eucharist – Victim for priests

Father Poppe, an Apostle of Mary Mediatrix

A revelation – As a child cherishes his mother – The ordeal – Union with Mary – To adore better – To suffer better – Theological foundations – Exterior devotion – A Marian director

In Memoriam:  Sister Maria de Jésus Crucifié, o.d.m.

The Church in decline – The renewed Church – The long wait – Safe in port – I have fought the good fight – I have finished the course



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Mary, Mother of God

(O.D.M. painting)

Mary is the Paradise of God, His own ineffable world, into which His Son entered to work wonders, to keep it and to take His delight in it. He created a world for the wayfarer, that is the one we are living in. He created a second world for the Blessed, that is Paradise. He created a third for Himself, which he named Mary. She is a world unknown to most mortals here on earth.  Even the Angels and Saints in Heaven find Her incomprehensible... Happy, indeed sublimely happy, is the person to whom the Holy Spirit reveals the secret of Mary, imparting to him true knowledge of Her.


Saint Louis Mary de Montfort, The Secret of Mary, Nos. 19-20.