The Acts of the Apostles
  • The Acts of the Apostles

The Acts of the Apostles

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The Acts of the Apostles, supplement-ed and continued up to the death of Saint John, with explanatory notes by the Rev. Canon Alfred Weber. Canon Weber writes: "In the Gospels we see the grain of mustard seed fall into the ground where it is buried in scorn, steeped in the Blood of the divine Sower. Its life would seem to have ended, but this small, insignificant seed contained an immortal kernel; in the Acts of the Apostles we see it emerge from the earth filled with the sap of life. A vigorous stem shoots upward... What a wonderful spectacle is presented to us by the history of the early years of the Holy Church! In it we see the fulfillment of Our Lords prophecies, and it sets the seal upon His divine Work." Today, it is an urgent matter that Christians should witness before their very eyes the sublime examples, the powerful lessons of the history of those golden years of the Holy Church.Quality binding, 256 pp + ill.TABLE OF CONTENTSAuthorization17Preface21PART ONEFrom the formation of the Holy Catholic Church to the establishment of Saint Peters See in Rome(Acts of the Apostles, Chapters 1 to 13)Chap. 1 Awaiting the Holy Spirit 25I.The Ascension of Christ25II.Unceasing prayer in the Cenacle28III.Election of Saint Matthias the Apostle28Chap. 2 Pentecost 30I.The descent of the Holy Spirit30II.Saint Peters first sermon The conversion of three thousand Jews32III. Life of the first Christians36Chap. 3 The lame man at the Beautiful Gate 37I. The miracle37II. Saint Peters second sermon Conversion of five thousand Jews39III. Saint Peter and Saint John in prison They are taken before the Council and released The Church gives thanks New effusion of the Holy Spirit41Chap. 4 Progress of Faith and Charity in the Church 45I. All things common among the faithful Ananias and Saphira45II. The miracles worked by Saint Peter and the Apostles47Chap. 5 The imprisonment and miraculous deliverance of the Apostles They are brought before the Council for the second time 48Chap. 6 The election of the deacons Saint Stephens zeal His martyrdom 51Chap. 7 The first general persecution The deacons and faithful are dispersed and carry the Good Tidings everywhere 61I. The persecution Saul the Pharisee61II. Saint Philip the deacon at Samaria Saint Peter and Simon the magician61III. Saint Philip the deacon and the minister from Ethiopia64Chap. 8 The conversion of Saul 67I. The road to Damascus67II. Ananias Sauls zeal for Our Lord68III. Saul in Jerusalem71Chap. 9 The Church at peace Apostolate of Saint Peter His miracles 73I. The Chair of Saint Peter in Antioch73II. The healing of Aeneas The resurrection of Tabitha74Chap. 10 Cornelius the centurion 76I. The vision of Cornelius76II. Saint Peters vision76III. Saint Peter at the house of Cornelius79IV. Saint Peter calms the anxieties of the Church of Jerusalem81Chap. 11 The Apostolic preaching 83Chap. 12 The Gospel of Saint Matthew The Apostles Creed The dispersion of the Apostles 85Chap. 13 The Church of Antioch 89Chap. 14 Herod Agrippas persecution 91I.Saint Peters imprisonment and mirac-ulous deliverance91II.Herod Agrippas disappointment His death94Chap. 15 Saint Peter goes to Rome and establishes the Apostolic See there in perpetuity 95I. The evangelization of Asia Minor95II. Saint Peters arrival in Rome96III. Saint Peters ministry in Rome98IV. First Epistle of Saint Peter101V. The Gospel of Saint Mark102Map of Saint Pauls journeys104PART TWOSaint Pauls three principal missions(Acts of the Apostles, Chapters 13 to 21:16)Chap. 1 First mission 105I. The consecration of Saul and Barnabas Their departure from Antioch105II. Evangelization of the island of Cyprus106III. At Antioch in Pisidia107IV. In Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe112V. The two Apostles retrace their steps and return to Antioch115Ch. 2 The Council of JeRUSALEM 116I.Controversy in the Church of Antioch concerning legal observances116II. The Council of Jerusalem116III. The delegates of the Council at Antioch120IV. The last days of Marys life Her blessed death and Assumption121Chap. 3 Saint Pauls second mission 124I. Saint Pauls departure124II. Saint Paul visits the Churches of Asia Minor The disciple Timothy125III. The vision at Troas125IV. In Philippi126V. In Thessalonica131VI. In Beroea133VII. In Athens124VIII. In Corinth137IX. The two Epistles to the Thessalonians .139X. Return to Antioch140Chap. 4 Saint Pauls third mission141I. Departure for the Provinces of Asia Minor141II. Apollo in Ephesus, then in Corinth141III. Saint Paul in Ephesus142IV. Discomfiture of the seven Jewish exorcists Conversions Books destroyed144V. Troubles in the Church of Corinth First Epistle to the Corinthians146VI. The tumult in Ephesus147VII. Saint Paul in Macedonia and Dalmatia Second Epistle to the Corinthians149VIII. Saint Paul in Corinth151IX. Epistle to the Galatians151X. Epistle to the Romans152XI. Saint Paul preaches in Troas The resurrection of Eutychus153XII. Saint Paul takes leave of the presbyters of the Church of Miletus155XIII. Saint Paul goes up to Jerusalem The Prophet Agabus158PART THREESaint Pauls Captivity(The Acts, Chapter 21:17 to the end)Chap. 1 In Jerusalem 161I. Visit to Saint James, bishop of Jerusalem161II. Saint Paul is arrested in the Temple162III. Saint Paul is bound with chains by the Roman tribune163IV. Saint Pauls discourse to the Jews164V. Saint Paul stands before the Sanhedrin168VI. The plot170Chap. 2 At Caesarea 172I. Saint Paul appears in presence of Felix the governor172II. The Jews accusation Saint Pauls reply173III. The Gospel of Saint Luke176IV. Saint Paul is again accused by the Jews before Festus He appeals to Caesar178V. Saint Paul stands before Agrippa179Chap. 3 From Caesarea to Rome 185I. The first incidents of the voyage185II. The storm187III. The shipwreck188IV. Saint Paul in Malta190V. Saint Paul arrives in Rome191VI. The apostolate of Saint Peter in Italy and throughout the world192VII. Epistle of Saint James His martyrdom193Chap. 4 Saint Pauls first captivity in Rome 194I.Saint Paul convokes the Jews194SUPPLEMENT TO THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLESChap. 1 The Epistles of Saint Paul during his first imprisonment in Rome 197I. Epistles to the Ephesians and Colossians 198II. Epistle to the Philippians199III. Epistle to the Hebrews200IV. Epistle to Philemon201V. The end of Saint Pauls captivity202Chap. 2 Saint Pauls last missions 203I. Foundation of the Church of Crete203II. Saint Paul visits the Churches of Palestine and Asia204III. First Epistle to Timothy Epistle to Titus203IV. Saint Paul in Macedonia, Greece, and Epirus He returns to Asia His missions in Gaul and Spain205Chap. 3 Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Rome during the persecution 206I. The conflagration of Rome206II. The persecution207III. The last days of liberty209IV. Quo vadis? Where are you going?210V. Second Epistle of Saint Peter212VI. The martyrdom of Saint Peters wife213Chap. 4 The triumph 213I. The Mamertine prison213II. Second Epistle to Timothy214III. The double martyrdom215IV. Epistle of Saint Jude His martyrdom 218Chap. 5 The Church Militant 219Chap. 6 Siege and destruction of Jerusalem 223Chap. 7 Saint John at Ephesus 227I. Saint Johns apostolate228II. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin228III. The resurrection of several men229Chap. 8 The Gospel of Saint John and his First Epistle 230I. The Gospel230II. First Epistle of Saint John232Chap. 9 Saint John in Rome 234Chap. 10 Saint John at Patmos 236Chap. 11 The Apocalypse 238I. The warnings240II. The predictions241III. The heavenly promises242Chap. 12 Return to Ephesus 244Chap. 13 Saint Johns prodigal son 246Chap. 14 Second and Third Epistles of Saint John 249Chap. 15 The last days 251I. Saint Johns partridge251II. The supreme exhortations252III. Saint Johns death252Conclusion 255


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