Jesus Christ - His Life, His Passion,...

Jesus Christ - His Life, His Passion, His Triumph

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Fr. Auguste Berthe has given us the true Life of Jesus, aptly setting off the real cause of all the events recorded in the Gospel, ending in the tragedy of Calvary: Jesus, the true Messiah, the true Saviour, presented Himself as someone who was going to establish a kingdom, the spiritual kingdom of souls. The people were expecting a temporal king, not a spiritual one, not a Saviour of souls but the Liberator of their nation, the conqueror who would give them dominion over the world. Thus their constant antagonism and endless opposition to Jesus, with which they unwittingly placed Him on the throne He had come to seek: the Cross upon which He became the Saviour of the world and the King of all nations. Relevant information, explanations of the customs and historical context of the times, provide in-depth knowledge of our Saviour, whose divinity shines in all its splendor here. Hardbound, 494 pages, with map and illustrations.
14.5 x 22 cm
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