The Holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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The Four Gospels in OneIn view of reintroducing devotion to the Gospel of Our Lord among the faithful, Editions Magnificat presents this exclusive, illustrated edition of the Holy Gospel of Our Lord, or, The Four Gospels in One, the work of Rev. Canon Alfred Weber (1843-1912). In his lifetime this work was approved, blessed and highly encouraged by Pope Leo XIII and Saint Pius X. That Holy Pontiff said: "Nothing is of greater worth than the Gospel. The more the Gospel is read, the livelier the faith becomes." This holy priest endeavored to unify the narratives of the four Evangelists into a single one, to harmonize and blend them so as to present a coherent Life of Our Lord written exclusively by the Evangelists. He wanted to achieve a single and complete Gospel, in which events follow one another and are linked together according to the order established by the best commentators. His numerous footnotes, enriched by explanations of the Saints and Fathers of the Church, facilitate the comprehension of the texts. 500 pages, easy-to-read type; includes an Annex comprised of maps, Index, Analytical Table, detailed Table of Contents; sewn hardcover, quality binding.
12 x 17.6 cm
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