El Triunfo de la Cruz
El Triunfo de la Cruz
El Triunfo de la Cruz
El Triunfo de la Cruz

El Triunfo de la Cruz

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1700 Years Ago... Apparition of the Cross and Victory of Constantine."There is nothing in history more certain than this miraculous apparition of the cross related by Eusebius of Caesaria, historian and friend ot the emperor, and confirmed by many other writers and by monuments of every kind. (...)  And people have the good grace to come forward fifteen centuries later, without proofs, without documents, and call such an important event into question, solely because it does not suit them -- or rather let me say, solely because it proves the divinity of a Religion that they dread because they do not love it, and that they do not love because it condemns the evil that they love." (Msgr. Gaume)

Leaflet 6 pages.

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