Magnificat May 2022
  • Magnificat May 2022

Magnificat May 2022

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Confidence in Mary, Mother of Mercy        

In Memoriam: Father Clement des Trois-Saints-Cœurs, o.d.m. (1933–2020)  


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Confidence in Mary, Mother of Mercy        Page 111

– Mother of Mercy – Mother of all men – Faithful Virgin – Prayer to Mary, the Faithful Virgin


In Memoriam: Father Clement des Trois-Saints-Cœurs, o.d.m. (1933–2020)          115

– Early years – “They spoke an incomprehensible language.” – Religious life under Occupation – A dangerous Liberation – Back to Clémery – The post-war period – Domain of Mary Coredemptrix – Sacerdos alter Christus – A One Way Trip: O Canada! – “My heart is joyful in its vocation.” – Towards the spiritual heights – Missionary in Guadeloupe – To arms! – Missionary in Guatemala – Sojourn in Italy – Recalled to the front – Apotheosis of a well-filled career – “Father, if Thou wilt, remove this cup from me.” – “Lord, into Thy hands I commend my spirit!”


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The Three Holy Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

(o.d.m. painting)

O Divine Heart of my Jesus, may my heart always burn with love for Thee.  May it find peace, refuge and happiness in Thy most meek Heart.

O Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, I consecrate myself entirely to Thy Immaculate Heart.  May Thy most merciful Heart be my refuge and the path that leads me to God.

O good Saint Joseph, never was a heart more inflamed than thine with the desire to see the love of Jesus and Mary reign; kindle my heart with the fire of thine own!

May the Three Holy Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph be known, praised, blessed, loved, served and glorified everywhere and forever!  Amen.