Magnificat March-April 2022

Magnificat March-April 2022


Mystery of Death and Life:  THE HOLY SHROUD OF TURIN

History of the Holy Shroud

The Scientific Study of the Holy Shroud

The Passion of Christ according to the Holy Shroud of Turin

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Mystery of Death and Life: The Shroud of Turin . Page 59

History of the Holy Shroud 60

– The Holy Shroud in the Gospel – Several centuries of silence – An image “not made by human hands” – The Shroud leaves Edessa – Arrival in Constantinople – The Holy Shroud and the Crusaders – From Athens to Besançon – A real one and a false one – After Besançon, Lirey – The Holy Shroud exposed and disputed – The nomadic Shroud – From Chambéry to Turin

Supplements:  The Mandylion of Edessa and the Shroud of Turin, one and the same thing? (page 64) – The Iconography of Christ (p. 67) – The Popes and the Holy Shroud (p. 78)

The Scientific Study of the Holy Shroud …79

– What is the Shroud? – The Image on the Shroud – The photograph that started it all – The most highly studied object in the world – The scientific discoveries: Blood on the Shroud – Three-dimensionality – The Coins – The Pollens – The big question:  How was the image formed? – The hypothesis of forgery – Disappearance of the body – Singularity of the object – Who is the Man of the Shroud? – A sign of contradiction...

Supplements:  Shroud of Oviedo, Tunic of Argenteuil and Miracle of Lanciano (page 83) – The Pray Codex (p. 88) – Carbon 14 dating (p. 91)

The Passion of Christ according to the Holy Shroud of Turin …93

– Not My Will but Thine be done! – Who struck Thee? – Pilate took Jesus and had Him scourged first. – Then they braided a crown of thorns... – Jesus, carrying His Cross, went to a place called Calvary. – Then they crucified Him... – There came out water and blood. – The message of infinite love contained in the Holy Shroud

Supplements:  Portrait of the Man of Sorrows (page 92) – Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face (p. 95) – The Holy Shroud, concrete witness of the Passion (p. 106)

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