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Magnificat August-September 2023
  • Magnificat August-September 2023

Magnificat August-September 2023

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The extraordinary life of Blessed Pauline-Marie Jaricot (1799-1862), founder of the Propagation of the Faith and the Living Rosary, apostle of the working class; victim of Jesus Crucified.

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Table of contents August-September 2023 – 48 pages


Blessed Pauline Jaricot (1799-1862)  …Page 207


I. Origins:  Pauline’s childhood until her conversion

A cozy nest – One day, I will go to the missions. - First encounter with Jesus – Vanity of vanities – Humiliating illness – Healing, combat against God – The sermon that changed everything – “She has gone mad!”

 II.  Pauline Jaricot, woman of action

Union with God, the essential foundation of works – The heart of an apostle, Associates of Reparation – A reform and some flowers – The missionary problem – A penny a week – Tempests – May 3, 1822: “The second foundation” - A fruitful rest – A chain of prayers – More tempests – A giant’s career – Lorette and the Daughters of Mary – Canuts and Medals – In the catacombs – On her way to Rome – Saint Philomena, miracle worker

 III. Pauline Jaricot, victim of Jesus Crucified

Last hours of glory – The labor problem – Judas and his accomplice – All is saved! – All is lost! – Off we go! – Pauline the beggar – The Passage and the Commission – More papist than the Pope – The victim is immolated



Our cover:  Jesus, Light of the Nations

O Jesus, unique King of the World, we are prostrate at Your feet to adore You and to choose You as our King and our Guide.  Yes, Lord, to You all the nations are subject.  You alone are the true King, You alone are the true Peace, You alone are the Light.  We adore You alone!  You are our support, You are our treasure, You are our Master, O great God of Heaven and earth!...  Your Heart is a haven of repose for us.  Therefore, we consecrate ourselves to Your Heart as King and Prince

Extract of a prayer dictated by Our Lord Jesus Christ to Sister Mary of Christ the King  (Olive Danzé, 1906-1968)