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Magnificat December 2023
  • Magnificat December 2023

Magnificat December 2023

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The Sublime Mystery of the Nativity - Sermon by Father Mathurin of the Mother of God

The Christmas of Saint Francis - 8th centennial of the manger of Greccio

Saint Charbel Makhlouf, the Wonder-worker - His life and some miracles

In Memoriam: Sister Franceska of Jésus Crucifié, o.d.m.

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Table of Contents December 2023

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The Sublime Mystery of the Nativity, by Father Mathurin of the Mother of God

Universal disruption – To love and be loved – The salvation of the world, a divine decree – Blessing


The Christmas of Saint Francis – 8th centennial of the manger of Greccio (1223-2023)


Saint Charbel Makhlouf125th anniversary of his death

The greatest miracle – Celestial lights and incorruptible body – A miraculous portrait

Saint Charbel the wonder worker:  Saint Charbel in the Philippines – Surgery performed by Saint Charbel – The blind see… – Miracle in Canada – A young man brought back to life


In Memoriam:  Sister Franceska de Jésus Crucifié, o.d.m. (1954-1994)

Raised in the shadow of the Cedars of Lebanon – Saved by the Virgin Mary – Aggravations with immigration – The joy of the total gift – The most beautiful Christmas – Devotion to Mary – Towards the summit of Calvary


Table of Contents for 2023


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The Virgin Mary and Her Divine Child

The holy hour has struck...  It is midnight!  Mary and Joseph enter into an ineffable rapture of adoration, love and joy...  And the Word of the Most High, Infinite Wisdom, the Emmanuel, God become a child, is at His Mother’s feet, holding out His little hands and eager to rest upon Her Heart.  Like a ray of sunlight, which pierces a limpid crystal without shattering it, the God of virgins has left Mary’s most pure womb, and now He is there before Her, full of grace and truth, through Her first tears and Her first smile.

While there is no emotion comparable to that of a young mother receiving her newborn child in her arms, what was not the wonderment of Mary, taking from the straw and enveloping in Her first embrace, the blessed fruit of Her virginity!

Bl. Canon Alfred Weber, Notre Bonne Mère ou le Trésor du fervent serviteur de Marie – Our Good Mother, or the Treasure of the fervent Servant of Mary